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kselftest wiki

This wiki is dedicated to holding information about the kselftest feature of the Linux kernel.

About kselftest

The purpose of kselftest is to provide kernel developers and end-users a quick method of running tests against the Linux kernel. As of this writing, Samsung developer Shuah Kahn is the project leader.

kselftest was discussed at the 2014 kernel summit (in August, 2014), with Shuah making a presentation during the "core day" of the summit. Some followup discussions were held during an "unconference" session the following day.

The kselftest feature (in rough draft form, I'd say) first appeared in kernel version 3.16.

Some features of kselftest

Here is a list of desired features for kselftest (some of which already exist (as of August 2014):

  • ability to quickly execute tests (current target is under 20 minutes)
    • some developers want tests to run in a few seconds
  • ability to run different groups of tests
  • test source code is kept in the kernel source tree, where it is easily accessible to anyone working with the kernel source


There are some sub-projects or additional features, that some developers have expressed interest in, for the kselftest system. Below is a bullet list for tracking the status of these different sub-projects: (In parenthesis are some people who have expressed interest in this sub-project or feature) If a link is present then there's a sub-page to discuss that project.

  • standardize the test output format (Grant Likely)
  • support cross-compilation (Tim Bird, Grant Likely, and others)
  • support local execution of tests in a virtualized environment (kvm, virtualbox, qemu)
  • documentation, and this wiki
    • docs should go in the kernel Documentation directory
    • this wiki is for project tracking
  • integration with rest of kernel build system to support standard kernel options:
    • separate output directory (ie. KBUILD_OUTPUT support)
    • verbose vs. quiet building (ie V=1 support)
    • cross-compilation (ie CROSS_COMPILE support)

some desired tests

Initially, Shuah started collecting existing unit tests from other places both inside and outside the kernel source tree. Here are some tests that have been discussed or requested:

  • system size test
  • performance tests
  • basic boot test (get to login prompt)
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