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 Kevin'​s scripts. Kevin'​s scripts.
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 +==== Tim's notes on cross-compilation ====
 +Here are some notes about cross-compilation:​
 +  * Makefiles currently don't support KBUILD_OUTPUT or O=
 +  * model in Makefile at top of srctree is 'make kselftest'​
 +    * build and run are a single thing
 +    * kernel install is ignored (left as exercise for user)
 +  * in lower Makefiles, have hardcoded ARCH stuff for specifying include dirs for user-space apps (ugh)
 +  * mqueue uses '​gcc',​ direct execution, etc.
 +=== build dependencies for different tests ===
 +  * mqueue uses -lrt -lpthread -lpopt
 +  * ipc/​msgque.c requires kernel headers from Linux 3.8 or later (which my Ubuntu system fails to provide)
 +=== runtime dependencies for different tests ===
 +  * mqueue requires root for some tests
 +    * mq_open_test,​ even when run as root, gets permission denied at mq_open at 202:
 +  * ipc/​msgque.c (msgque_test) requires root privileges
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