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This page has information about supporting cross-compilation for the kselftest feature of the Linux kernel

Grant Likely has taken the lead of this effort, stating on the kernel summit mailing list that:

In August, 2014, Grant Likely wrote (on the ksummit-discuss mailing list, here):

I've also been doing some hacking. I've taken a good look at several
of the tools people are using. Guenter's scripts. Kevin & Olof's
scripts, your ttc, and the stuff I'm using personally, and then
started a new tool for booting and testing boards, pulling in bits and
pieces that look good. I've been able to come up with something that
works really well for me, will boot on qemu out-of-the-box, and is
easily extendible to real hardware like a board on a desk or a
personal board farm. I'll post my patches this coming week. Right now
I'm cleaning up some ugly bits and I need to graft in the logging from
Kevin's scripts.
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